Pests and diseases

Some of the major threats I The Watch List – exotics I Reporting pests and diseases

There is an enormous range of pests, diseases and weeds which can affect plant industries in Australia. Some are already present in Australia and may be confined to small areas of the country; others are yet to arrive on our shores.

Either way, once present they can spread from one part of Australia to another through the movement of fruit, vegetables, plants, flowers, plant products and soil.

The introduction of a pest, disease or weed into a production area can result in expensive controls being implemented and in a loss of markets, which can cost industries and the community millions of dollars.

If you notice any unusual plant pest or diseases symptoms on your travels, please report it as soon as possible. What you have found could be exotic and potentially damaging to that state or territory or to Australia.

Some of the major threats

qff Queensland fruit fly pestdisease7 European house borer
pestdisease3 Mediterranean fruit fly phylloxera082 web Grape phylloxera
pestdisease4 Red imported fire ant pcn Potato cyst nematode
tylcv web Tomato yellow leaf curl virus smlhivebeetle Small hive beetle
electricantweb Electric ant bumblebee88 web Large earth bumblebee
lupin anthracnose11 web Lupin anthracnose greensnail1web Green snail
mrustagonisnsw1 Myrtle rust


The Watch List – Pests, diseases and weeds exotic to Australia

The exotic pests and diseases listed have been identified as threats through Plant Health Australia's Industry Biosecurity Planning process. Where available, links to fact sheets and images are provided to help with the recognition of the pests and diseases.

Pests and diseases that you have not seen before could be exotic to Australia. Some of the more serious exotic plant pests and diseases to watch out for are listed below in the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry exotic watch lists – 

Watch list for forestry and timber - exotic pest and diseases (external site)
Watch list – exotic weeds (external site)

Reporting suspect pest, diseases and weeds

You can help by reporting any suspect plant pests and diseases on the QD hotline 1800 084 881.

The Quarantine Domestic Hotline also acts as the Exotic Plant Pest Hotline. It is a freecall telephone service which is staffed during normal working days and business hours in your state or territory. The service allows callers to directly report suspect pest detections to an area where action can be taken by knowledgeable staff.