Traveller’s guide to

Australian interstate quarantine


Enjoy your trip and look after Australia…

Pests, diseases and weeds can spread from one part of Australia to another through the movement of:

  • plants or plant products
  • animals or animal products
  • soil
  • agricultural machinery and other equipment
  • recreational equipment.

The costs
The introduction of a pest or disease into a production area can result in expensive controls being implemented and loss of markets, which can cost industries and the community millions of dollars.

The rules
Restrictions apply to each state and territory for the movement of these items to protect Australia’s valuable local and overseas markets. These restrictions operate under state and territory legislation.

Your cooperation contributes to protecting Australia’s valuable agricultural industries from pests and diseases.

Click on your state of destination to check the requirements for carrying items into that state or into declared quarantine areas within the state.


Australian Interstate Quarantine


A new edition of the Quarantine Domestic traveller's guide is now available - see What's New.


Trading online? - the rules still apply!

If you buy or sell items via the internet, remember that just because an item is listed for sale online, that doesn't mean it can legally enter your state or territory without restriction.





Further information

For more information on carrying items to another state, contact the appropriate quarantine authority shown on your destination state's page.

For more information on entry requirements or quarantine zones within your own state, contact your local state quarantine authority on Freecall 1800 084 881 during business hours Monday to Friday.

See also the contacts provided in Further information.

For information on items coming from or going overseas, contact the Commonwealth Department of Agriculture on 1800 020 504 (Freecall from within Australia - calls from mobile and public phones may incur charges) or see Department of Agriculture biosecurity contacts.


Check what you’re carrying (or trading online).

Penalties apply.


Please note:

This is a general guide for private interstate travellers or online traders.

Commercial importers and exporters must consult with state authorities for full information.

Remember, requirements may change as new pests, diseases and weeds are detected.